Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe FORMED S.j.

Company description:

The company was established in 1989. Technological processes are fully automated in our company which allows us to guarantee a high quality and keep an attractive price offer at the same time. We own a tool-room that provides a production of a new product in a very short time. In 2003 the company introduced the Quality Management System and gained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

Our products:

  • Contact details

    Address: Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe FORMED S.j.
    ul. Trakt Brzeski 66
    Sulejówek, 05-070, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 (22)7832491
    Fax +48 (22)7832491
  • Business hours

    Monday 08:00-16:00
    Tuesday 08:00-16:00
    Wednesday 08:00-16:00
    Thursday 08:00-16:00
    Friday 08:00-16:00
    Saturday closed
    Sunday closed

Our products:

  • Plastic packages for pharmaceutics

    The basic production profile has been the production of plastic packages for a pharmaceutical industry since our company was established. They are small packages with a capacity from 2ml to 250ml for liquids (drops), loose substances (puder-talk),...

Contact persons

  • Piotr Dziuba

    Telefon: +48 (22) 783 24 91
    Fax: +48 (22) 783 24 91
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